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1.1 Latar Belakang

1.1.1 Distress Spiritual

Hubungan keyakinan dengan pelayanan kesehatan kebutuhan spiritual merupakan kebutuhan dasar yang dibutuhkan oleh setiap manusia. Apabila seseorang dalam keadaan sakit, maka hubungan dengan tuhannya pun semakin dekat, mengingat seseorang dalam kondisi sakit menjadi lemah dalam segala hal, tidak ada yang mampu membangkitkannya dari kesembuhan, kecuali sang pencipta. Dalam pelayanan kesehatan, perawat sebagai petugas kesehatan harus memiliki peran utama dalam memenuhi kebutuhan spiritual. Perawat dituntut mampu memberikan pemenuhan yang lebih pada saat pasien kritis atau menjelang ajal. Dengan demikian, terdapat keterkaitan antara keyakinan dengan pelayanan kesehatan, dimana kebutuhan dasar manusia yang diberikan melalui pelayanan kesehatan tidak hanya berupa aspek biologis, tetapi juga aspek spiritual. Aspek spiritual dapat membantu membangkitkan semangat pasien dalam proses penyembuhan.

1.1.2 Aspek Kehilangan dan Berduka

Lahir, kematian dan kehilangan adalah kejdian yang universal dan kejadian yang sifatnya unik bagi setiap individu dalam pengalaman hidup. Kehlangan dan berduka merupakan…

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A State of Public Bathrooms


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Some say that a society can be judged based on how it treats its worst off citizens.  I think we can judge a society based on the conditions of their bathrooms.  If this is our unit of measure society is in a poor state when judged against where it should be, but compared with the rest of the world one could conclude that we are better off than other nations.  Indeed, China’s bathrooms consist of a mere hold in the ground separated by simple pieces of wood.  India’s bathrooms are similar but exist in closed rooms at least.

I have a basic rubric for measuring the quality of public bathrooms.  One measure of quality is the frequency of use of a restroom.  Frequency of use tells us a couple of things about the state of a public restroom.  One of the things frequency of use tells us is a bathroom’s…

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Fun With News Headlines – Volume 18


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Army Of Awesome People

If you follow this site at all, you know about the discovery I’ve made that just may change the face of journalism forever.  I’ve found that by changing the photos that accompany news headlines, the stories become much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much,much,much, much, much, much, much, much, much more intriguing.  Here’s this week’s installment:

Ex-Porn Star Jameson Arrested For Alleged Battery


Kim Shows Off Growing Bump


Handler Accused Of Stealing $84,000 Worth Of Belongings At Airport


Police Identify Burglar Suspect


Vets Forced To Euthanize Cheetah


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The $1,500 Question: Why Am I Paying Google to Beta Glass?


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The Same Rowdy Crowd

GoogleGlass_15Let’s start with the obvious.  I am a hopeless technophile and I need help.  I’m not a role model, I’m a cautionary tale.  I’m the people your parents would have warned you about if they had any idea how the future turned out.

The most recent proof of these truths is my – successful – application to be a “Glass Explorer” in Google’s project – Glass – to develop a wearable device that resembles a pair of glasses without lenses that projects a tiny image into the user’s right eyeball.  Think of it as computer that can be controlled with voice, gestures and taps with a display that sits in your field of vision. This project has been talked about for years and Google has offered various glimpses of the technology as it has developed.

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